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Rade Radivojsa

11000 Belgrade Serbia

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Work Experience

•NOS (Nederland)-Cameraman covering Balkan region

•Al Jazzera English -(The Listening post)

•NOS ( Nederland)- Cameraman covering Middle East (Syria)

•NOS (Nederland) -Cameraman covering Middle East (Syria)

•ARTE (France) -TV reports from Bosnia and Herzegovina)

•MOVISTAR (Spain)- Euro League Final Four Basketball

•SRF (Switzerland)- TV Documentary Football World Cup 2018

•NOS (Nederland)- Cameraman covering Balkan region

•(Nederland) cameraman covering Balkan region

•Channel 9 (Australia)- Field Producer

•TRT World Cameraman covering Balkan region

•Google (USA)- Android Developer Story-NORDEUS

•UN WOMEN,UNTF - Producing videos of ASTRA and MDRI

•Discovery Chanel (producing ,organizing ,fixing in Serbia) Nikola Tesla Documentary film

•Philip Morris International (Global promo film for IQOS)

•Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (promo film)

•(Nederland) cameraman covering Balkan region

•TRT World (Turkey) covering Balkan region

•NOS ( Nederland) Cameraman covering Balkan region

•Al Jazzera International (The Listening post)

•NOS (Nederland) Covering story with migrant crisis in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia,Turkey,Bulgaria,Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary

•RAI Covering story with migrants in Serbia and Hungary

•SRF (Switzerland)

•LIFE NEWS TV Channel (Russia)

•DRAFTFCB+AFIRMA ( Beiersdof Eucerin)

•MICROSOFT (Serbia) promo commercial


•LIFE NEWS TV Channel (Russia) Reportage

•Ariadne's Threat Film by Haya Fumm and Vitorio De Janerio

•PRVA TV (part time )


•CIHAN NEWS AGENCY (Turkey) for Al Iraqiya Tv (report from Belgrade)

•WIKONO (Spain) Interview for documentary film

•NEWSGROUP Communications/U.S. Department of State (Art in American Embassies) Patrick Dougherty's High Jinx

•EURONEWS (report from Kosovo)

•EURONEWS (report match-fixing in football)

•LIGNE De MIRE production/FRANCE2 (documentary about mixed marriages)

•FRANCE 24 ( Exit music Festival)

•EURONEWS ( Economic report from Sarajevo, Bosnia)

•Wiener Stadishe (coorporate film)

•LYNX SNG ( Live covering EHF Euro 2012 for DK Sport Denmark)

•Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia( documentary film) Battered Women Who Killed Their Abusers

•M6 Enquête Exclusive / Ligne de Mire production (documentary about weapon trafficking from the Balkans to the EU)

•Hot Spot Films for Al Jazeera (documentary stories about Balkan youth)

•FRANCE24 (EXIT music Festival)

•RAI 1 (Ratko Mladic Arrest)

•EURONEWS (interview with President of Serbia Boris Tadic)


•RAI 1/TG 1 (reporting about hooliggans on the stadiums)


•USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) EFP cameraman, organizer

•USA Embassy Belgrade “Camera on Training” ENG cameraman

•ITTV - Comic TV (work in progress) ENG cameraman Advertising Agency A-firma – making off commercial MARBO ENG cameraman


•NBC Universal (Sci-Fi Chanel) ENG cameraman

•CREWS FOR NEWS (Hungary) ENG cameraman


•USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) EFP cameraman, organizer

•Exit Music Festival TV Series “Exit in Movement”- ENG cameraman

•GTZ Germany Program for Development of Balkan ENG cameraman

•Red Production- promo film for Erste bank ENG cameraman

•Wiener Stadishe Austria –promo corporate film ENG cameraman

•Star Hill Production, NHK- Japan “Run for Life” documentary film (Sarajevo film festival ,ZagrebDox, Beldocs-the best documentary film

•Arhitel Production “Heated Blood” documentary film (Sarajevo Film Festival-best documentary film dealing with thetopic of human rights.)


•MTV ADRIA ENG cameraman


•RTE ( Ireland’s National Television) ENG cameraman Eurovision

•ARTE Report from Kosovo


•USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) EFP cameraman, organizer

•Microsoft USA (UAE, Romania, Croatia:Crystal Cruises)-ENG cameraman

•FCS (Film Center Serbia) ENG cameraman

•JDP (Yugoslav Drama Theater) ENG cameraman

•GTZ Germany Program for Development of Balkan ENG cameraman

•Vip Mobile- promo corporate film ENG cameraman

•LE SPOT production -Carlsberg promo film ENG cameraman

•Delta Holding promotion corporate film ENG cameraman

•Star Hill Production “Run for life” documentary film Directed by Mladen Maticevic


•HRT (Croatian National Television – Department for Serbia). ENG cameraman

•MTV Adria ENG cameraman

•FRANCE 24- ENG cameraman

•LYNX -SNG cameraman (BBC, AL JAZZERA)


•MICROSOFT USA (Berlin, Minhen) video case ENG cameraman

•USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) EFP cameraman, organizer

•OGILVY & MATHER Novonordisk promo- ENG cameraman

•WIENER STADISHE Austria promotion film ENG cameraman

•VIP (Vojvodina Investment Program) ENG cameraman commercial promo

•OVATION BBDO video clip for children without

•Vip Mobile- promo corporate film- ENG cameraman

•Election campaign for Democratic Party Boris Tadic – Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Mc Caan – promotional film ENG cameraman

•International Film Festival KRATKOFIL (promo video clip)


•MTV ADRIA- ENG cameraman

•HRT (Croatian National Television) ENG cameraman


•Ben Gurion University of the Negev & YALE University : Words& Images / Israel -EFP cameraman, organizer

•OGILVY & MATHER- BAT (British American Tobacco) promotion film ENG cameraman

•Election campaign for Democratic Party Boris Tadic – Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Mc Caan-Erickson- ENG cameraman

Since 2006

•Onwards engagement for USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) from Washington, for ex Yugoslavian region, as EFP cameraman and organizer.

2006 -2008

•Employment as cameraman at TV5 (Serbia)


•German Production Sudost Medienogentur TV Series “A Road to the Future” ENG cameraman

2004 -2008

•Helsinki Committee for Human Rights ENG cameraman

•Documentary Serial “A View to the Past” 2004

•Documentary Film “Serbian Orthodox Church and Breakdown of Yugoslavia” 2006

Since 2003

-RRS Refugee Return System EFP cameraman Documentary Film “Ten Years of Dayton” RRS& CRS, 2006

2001- 2004

•Student Cultural Centre Belgrade ENG cameraman, shooting exhibitions, installations, concerts, cultural events & International Cultural Festival “April Meetings”

•Video/ “Die Innere Notwendigket” Gabrijel Savic Ra & Ana Zivancevic Ra, The official section Zemos98_7, international audiovisual festival, 2005

•Video CRS / Comic Book Exhibition Zagreb, 2004

1998 – 2005

•VIN/ Weekly Independent News ENG cameraman

•Documentary Film “Human Rights Behind the Bars”, 2002 (Festival of Documentary Movies/Belgrade, 2002)

•TV Show “New Bridges”, July-December 2001/UNHCR

•Video Material/Film “Ressistance” within Performance at Exhibition in Sorbonne University/France, November 2000

•Documentary Film “68”, 2000/ USAID Political campaign for presidential elections for DOS (Democratic Opposition in Serbia) in year 2000 - one month full time engagement, working in high risk situations in Serbia and Kosovo.

•Shooting civic protests in 2000 & 1998.

1997 – 2005

•Employment at TV Politika as cameraman. Fully engaged all the time during the bombing 1999 shooting daily breaking news.

1994 – 1996

•Employment as cameraman at Greek Television “Mega Crete” in Chania, Crete. Engaged for SKY (Athens) as cameraman.

1993 – 1994

•Engagement at TV Politika as ass. cameraman & cameraman.